MESSAGE from the KADAC President

To All KADAC Members and Associate Members and to all interested friends,

COVID-19 Update

Following continuing COVID restrictions I am sorry to inform you that we are still unable to hold regular Club Sessions until further notice.

I appreciate that this is not the best news for our members. We enjoy the camaraderie and mutual enjoyment of painting and the Arts and our regular sessions are joyous and rewarding. I know we will all miss our painting sessions but once we open up again, we will all do it with added vigour, I am sure.

I am happy to report, however, that during this time of restrictions, KADAC members have been busy painting at home and we have created a Photo book of some of these paintings. Click Here to view this amazing work

Please stay well, stay safe and stay in touch.

Wishing you warmest wishes and kind thoughts

Gillian Ross

(KADAC President)