Beautiful website filled with talented artists! Thanks for
the previews of such nice work for those of us that can't get

(Monterey, CA, USA)

Incredibly imaginative, ingenious, illuminating, impeccable, intriguing, inspirational, idyllic and imposing. Makes me want to get on with some illustration myself. Andrew (Edinburgh)

What a great site! I can't imagine how much time it takes to update and keep everything current and it is so comprehensive. The club idea is great-you have support and encouragement from those who understand what all is involved in creating such pieces. Love the portrait of James!

Sharon (Indianapolis, U.S.A.)

Great! I think it is a really good window on KADAC. Margaret-Elspeth, Club Member

Many thanks for a great job. I'm sure the website will 'draw' attention from many in the Kinross district. Chris, Club Member

I love the website, with all its moving imagery, paintings and photos of your lovely countryside. The club sounds wonderful. Patricia, London

Have just enjoyed browsing thro' the very sophisticated KADAC website - what a thriving institution and what fun it looks. Angela, France

I have had a look of the website, the pictures look very good and it gives such an interest to the people who take part. Ian, Singapore

I took a look at the web site. Very good and easy to read, I like the visuals, photos tell a story on their own. "And that is from someone who knows nothing about art at all, but the web site was interesting." Noeline, Gambia

"I can concur with that comment from Noeline. And I am a Luddite! Ruth, Cumbria

Thank you for the new website address - very smart website it is too. Gill, Perthshire Open Studios

We loved your link to the KADAC website & boy, you have done an excellent job of it. Ron is halfway through exploring it & I have explored it all. Marvellous to see how industrious our generation continues to be after retirement. Eileen, Canada

Hey, the website is looking good - very nice. For interested parties it gives a great deal of information. Looks like quite a big group. The pics look good! Carole, Cumbria

The Link to your new, very smart looking web site is now attached to the information for KADAC at
Pauline, Kinross